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When you create an online professional profile on, you are effectively combining your career-related skills, qualifications and achievements to describe the best possible YOU! Then, by adding your contact information and geographic location into our special online form (your email address and phone number stay private - never made public), you are creating a digital profile that demands online attention from hiring managers, recruiters and other professionals in your industry. A powerful profile can reinforce an already strong career choice or open the doors to brand new and exciting opportunities.

3 Benefits of Creating a Profile

  1. Instant Online Presence

    A strong online profile can elevate your career potential by offering you global online presence. Your information could match you to unlimited job opportunities through networking, based on the career information you use to build your profile. Recruiters, hiring managers and business owners can perform a search with specific criteria to discover the right talent to fill open job roles.

  2. Social Recruiting Made Easy offers a fresh new approach to job recruiting through online professional profiles. Hiring managers and recruiters can quickly and effectively discover new talent by performing a detailed search through our global networking database. Qualified industry professionals can be accessed in a variety of ways including geographically or by job title, work experience, skill set, education and other qualification-type filters.

  3. People Search and Global Networking

    If you’re looking to connect with others in your profession, offers you a virtually unlimited online directory. Enjoy access to find people by name, location, company, industry, place of education and more. Being connected with other professionals is an ideal way to solicit business advice, get support, learn about job opportunities and discover the best talent.