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How to Search by Company

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How to Search For Professionals
By Company

  1. Connect With Employees From a Specific Company

    Perhaps you are a job seeker that is looking for an open position at a specific company. With our “search by company” filter, you can quickly connect with employees from that company and make a valuable connection that could present you with a job lead and possibly landing a job interview.

  2. Recruit Employees From a Specific Company

    If you’re a hiring manager, recruiter or the owner of a company that is looking to fill vacant positions, use our “company” filter to search for candidates within your industry. Searching this way also allows you to target a specific company that may have recently had a lay off and their loss of good talent can be a win for your company.

  3. Expand Your Network When Working With a Big Company

    Let’s face it. When you work for a big company, it’s impossible to meet with fellow employees outside of your team. With our global directory, you can search your own company and make important connections.