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  • Are you interested in finding other professionals with the same skills and experience?
  • Are you looking to connect with potential industry leaders or possible mentors?
  • Are you tired of Linkedin connections spamming you with irrelevant connection requests?

If you said “YES” to any of the questions above, you’ve come to the right place. The experts at designed a global network that is unlike the others.

Be a part of breakthrough networking experts set out to make networking the most enjoyable and successful experience for busy professionals. No more searching endlessly only to yield useless results. We want you to perform a search to find exactly what and who you’re looking for the first time. For example, if you’re looking for professionals that match your skill set and experience, then that is what you will find.

Perhaps you’re on a mission to build professional relationships with leaders in your industry or possible mentors? Our search parameters let you filter people by name, location, company, industry, college or university and more.

And here’s the best part! Unlike other sites, connections you make on our site will not get you spammed by irrelevant connections. When you build an online profile at, your email address and phone number stay private. We make the connections for you so you never have to worry about your phone number or email address going public.

5 benefits of professional networking through

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    Your free professional profile gives you immediate online presence

    Our technology lets you build a free online profile in minutes. That means you’ll gain instant access to our global directory, networking opportunities and your online presence will be immediate. is a great platform when looking to get leads about new job opportunities. Hiring managers, recruiters and employers of big and small companies can find an unlimited supply of the best talent to fill open job roles.

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    We can can help you build a professional online profile to showcase your experience to that next employer or client is a great platform where job seekers are looking to be discovered for new job opportunities. Our online profile filters were specifically chosen to allow professionals to brag a bit about their work achievements. Add your work experience to emphasize your best accomplishments so anyone in your industry looking for new talent can find you in a search and connect with you

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    We give you the control to design your profile the way you want to brand yourself

    When you build your professional profile with our state-of-the-art tools, you are essentially branding yourself. Add the most impressive work history, top-notch skills, education, achievements and awards - any information that you want your online presence to highlight. Even better, your online profile will be ready in minutes!

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    We can help you search by skills you have to reach similar professionals

    Our global directory allows you to reach a vast array of professionals with similar skills. Performing a search by specific skills, perhaps the skills necessary for a job applicant, will yield industry professionals with only those matching skills. You can then broaden the search to find people with those skills in a particular industry or location. What you won’t get is an ambiguous result with irrelevant results.

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    We allow you to track parties looking at your profile and reach out to them

    Seeing who viewed your profile allows you to know which visitors connected with your profile. Perhaps a hiring professional was searching for someone with your specific skills, job experience, education and geographical location but for some reason didn’t pursue the connection with you. You can then reach out to that person through the directory and we’ll make the connection for you. Since your email address and phone number remains private, you can contact those viewers through us.

5 professional networking tips is more than just a site to build your online global presence to enhance your career. It’s a chance to use professional networking to its fullest. Our online search tool allows you to network by narrowing your search to exactly what you are looking for. You’ll save time and avoid irrelevant search results.

Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Networking to find industry mentors

    Whether you’re entry level and new to your industry or a seasoned professional, having mentors in your field can be beneficial to your career. Connecting through can instigate lasting valuable relationships providing expert industry knowledge, sharing information, career advice and special mentoring when working on special projects in your career field.

  2. Network to land your dream job

    Our global directory is filled with professions of all types. We don’t exclude any work role, type or industry. Job opportunities through networking referrals give you a better chance since many job openings are not advertised for. Whether you’re looking for full time, part time, consulting, freelance or a side gig to earn some extra cash, networking on can help by helping you create a profile that highlights your best accomplishments and offers a glimpse into your personal brand.

  3. Networking to find talent to hire

    The online directory of professionals allows employers from all size companies to connect with people in their geographical area or anywhere globally. Hiring managers, recruiters and even small business owners can search with specific criteria to match the job role. This opens the door to finding an unlimited supply of the best talent. In addition to searching geographically or searching by job title, you can narrow the search by work experience, skill set, education level and more.

  4. Network to connect with former colleagues or alumni

    Perhaps you’ve been wanting to find your very first managers to thank them for giving you a great start to your successful career. Maybe it’s a college professor or fellow student that made a positive impact on you during your studies. Our detailed search criteria provides you with global access to find people by name, location, company, industry, college or university and more.

  5. Update your contact information

    When you add your information to create an online profile, be sure your information is the most updated and accurate. Your contact information is how we privately match you with other connections. Perhaps a hiring manager wants to alert you about an upcoming job opening or you are being invited to a local alumni event. Your contact information ensures that industry professionals that may want to connect can reach you. Rest assured, your information is kept private - we never publicly show your email address or phone number because the contact is made privately through us.

FAQ: Professional networking

  • Professional networking is a chance to build relationships via a list of industry-related contacts, colleagues and mentors while opening the doors to new career opportunities. If you want to succeed, networking can play an important role in advancing your career path.


    John Davis is a Junior Author Rep at a publishing company. His manager asks him to build his client base through networking.

    Online networking:

    John immediately builds a profile on Not only does he gain immediate online presence as a professional in the publishing industry but he now can perform a search for professionals working as authors.

    In-person networking:

    John registers to attend the Authors of America annual conference in Orlando, Florida. He dresses in his most professional suit and carries his professional business cards to give out to prospective author clients.

  • Through business networking, you can hear of job openings from professional contacts before the job even gets posted online. Referrals can recommend a job opportunity that meets with your work experience, skills and education. Employers often consider referral job candidates and invite them for a job interview before outside random applicants get viewed.

  • There are three types of professional networking ideal for building connections:

    • Event networking can be in-person, face-to-face on Zoom or Skype or joining an online chat. Attend seminars, conferences, lectures, industry forums, meet-up gatherings, alumni networking events. Be sure to bring business cards to in-person events.
    • Join professional organizations that can offer ideal introductions and networking opportunities.
    • Social networking sites and social media sites allow you to network with immediate online connections.
    • Personal networking through former colleagues, friends and family members allow for quick and convenient networking referrals.
  • To build a strong network, connect with everyone that can assist in your career growth and professional development. Your connections can include your alumni, college professors, colleagues, mentors, client list and industry experts. Meeting new people in any social setting like attending a sporting event, shopping at a store or dining in a restaurant can lead to great connections. Strategic networking is advised for all levels of business from entry level to experienced, management to business and store owners.