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Sakeenah Coleman

Technical Project Manager
Powder Springs,GA
Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
Samuel Beckett


Insightful Information Technology Manager with ten years of IT leadership experience including oversight of infrastructure, application support and security services. Dedicated to customer satisfaction with focused delivery of technical solutions. Proven leader in directing operations, maintenance and support of complex systems. Develops creative business solutions, leveraging diverse methodologies and delivering engineering solutions for leading organizations. Highly adept in request for proposal development, technology needs assessments and staff training.


years of post-secondary education
years of professional experience

Director of Information Technology

Little Giant Farmers Market
Jonesboro , GA
2020.03 - Current
  • Manage backup, security, and user help systems.
  • Review project plans to plan and coordinate project activity.
  • Develop and interpret organizational goals, policies, and procedures.
  • Develop computer information resources, providing for data security and control, strategic computing, and disaster recovery.
  • Consult with users, management, vendors, and technicians to assess computing needs and system requirements.
  • Maintain and administer computer networks and related computing environments including computer hardware, systems software, applications software, and all configurations.
  • Perform data backups and disaster recovery operations.
  • Office 365/Azure Administrator.
  • Remote management administrator (Zoom, Teams, Skype, VPN, etc.).
  • SharePoint administrator.
  • Gorrie-Regan Time Clock administrator.
  • Negotiated with external vendors, performed risk management for supply contracts and agreements.
  • Diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve hardware, software, or other network and system problems, and replace defective components when necessary.
  • Plan, coordinate, and implement network security measures to protect data, software, and hardware.
  • Maintained NCR POS systems, terminals, credit card processing, PCI Compliance, register printers, monitors, pricing guns, order guns.
  • Prioritized framework to evaluate technology and regulate communication with business stakeholders.
  • Implemented, created and tested disaster recovery and business continuity plans and maintained appropriate back-up system.
  • Analyzed department and job-related functionality requirements to align technology priorities with business needs.
  • Developed, tracked and controlled information technology operating budgets and cost and benefit analyses for IT spending initiatives.
  • Performed regular audits and tests of infrastructure and applications to prevent variabilities.
  • Fostered positive working environment that encouraged innovation, collaboration and accountability and managed end-user needs with functional and security responsibilities.
  • Deployed, monitored and maintained system installation, upgrades and network integration to ensure PCI compliance.
  • Documented and analyzed processes and procedures and adhered to regulatory guidance.
  • Identified opportunities for application optimization, redesign and development and troubleshot and resolved user and application issues.
  • Worked closely with management teams to plan, develop, coordinate and execute technical strategies aligned to client's vision, mission and purpose.
  • Identified computer hardware and network system issues, performing troubleshooting techniques for remediation.
  • Communicated regularly with customers concerning data exchange and technology integration.
  • Interviewed, hired, trained and mentored several employees by coaching daily, leading performance reviews and offering constructive feedback.
  • Facilitated best user experience through continuous support, training classes, webinars, improvements and communication of system changes.
  • Analyzed architecture design, scoping, implementation, testing and deployment needs to define project requirements.
  • Reviewed and assessed architecture design, implementation, testing and deployment needs to identify project requirements and costs.
  • Coordinated eCommerce projects, including defining scope, managing milestones and maintaining strong relationships with all stakeholders.
  • Played key role in on-going network design, reevaluation and optimization to keep pace with company growth.
  • Guided implementation of company-wide enterprise security strategy for network and hardware, disaster recovery, data protection and endpoint protection.
  • Analyzed network security and current infrastructure to assess areas in need of improvement and develop solutions.
  • Led and assisted technical upgrade projects for clients by working and coordinating with consultants and developers for integrations.

Regional IT Manager

Hiram , GA
2018.03 - 2020.03
  • Managed global IT projects, implement new IT processes and methods.
  • Managed inventory and procurement of IT equipment and services.
  • Developed training classes and documentation, outage alerts, service maintenance notifications.
  • Resolved complex hardware, software, networking, and infrastructure issues.
  • Managed six locations (USA-3 sites, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada).
  • Managed six direct reports.
  • Manage backup, security, and user help systems.
  • Ensure standardization and compliance with Corporate IT guidelines.
  • Vendor management.
  • Collaborated with internal teams and suppliers to evaluate costs against expected market price points and set structures to achieve profit targets.
  • Partnered with sales team members and leveraged strong negotiation skills to close tough deals with lucrative clients.
  • Managed personnel issues and implemented corrective actions.
  • Reduced turnover 30% by enhancing training, motivation and engagement strategies with all employees.
  • Worked diligently to resolve unique and recurring complaints, promoting loyalty and enhancing operations.
  • Established and maintained operational standards for 6 locations over the Americas area.
  • Improved customer experience by creating custom showrooms across retail locations.
  • Oversaw all administrative and recordkeeping functions.
  • Led targeted training programs to educate staff on product benefits and service capabilities.
  • Modernized over 7 facilities by implementing national facility enhancement programs.
  • Performed various technical support tasks for partners across 4 regions.

Technical Project Coordinator/Tier III Support

Paradies Lagardere
Atlanta , GA
2014.04 - 2018.03
  • Lead on multiple projects for the company, implemented new process on documentation and internal wiki.
  • Provided root cause analysis reporting, risk registry, lesson learned reports.
  • Developed a Networking Boot Camp Class for Level I/II teams.
  • Provided QA testing on new systems, hardware before being implemented into the field.
  • Configured and maintained network equipment (Aerohive, Sonicwall, Cisco ASA 5505, Fortinet Routers, Access Points, and Switches.
  • Manage backup, security, and user help systems.
  • Provided training for new hires, and refresher training for individuals that needed additional support.
  • Managed user accounts for Office 365 and Domain Server.
  • Managed and supported POS equipment for all locations.
  • Configured and maintained SeriveNow ticketing system.
  • Traveled to multiple locations to ensure project will be successful by ensuring (hardware, software, processes are implemented properly.
  • Maintained SAP licenses, updated taxation, special hot keys for all POS systems.
  • Vendor management and support.
  • Kept projects on schedule by managing deadlines and adjusting workflows as needed.
  • Liaised between Project Management Office and IT department, facilitating communications and keeping appropriate parties updated on project developments.
  • Coordinated presentations for customers and project members detailing project scope, progress and results, keeping all entities well-informed of milestones and goals.
  • Provided technical direction on Mobile POS projects and initiatives to other engineers, designers and technicians.
  • Tracked all hours and expenses to keep project on task and within budgetary parameters.
  • Gathered requirements for ongoing projects and organized details for management use.
  • Collaborated with project leaders to comply with accounting needs for project maintenance requirements.
  • Oversaw productivity streams for ongoing and special projects.
  • Counseled departmental leaders to determine issues and deliver solutions to individualized problems and concerns.
  • Collaborated with project owners and team members to set ambitious but achievable goals.
  • Maintained project schedules by managing timelines and making proactive adjustments.
  • Communicated with Technical Leadership members to keep project on schedule.

Tier III Technical Support

Sonifi Solution, LodgeNet Interactive
Atlanta , GA
2013.02 - 2014.04
  • Manage backup, security, and end-user help systems.
  • Troubleshoot wireless connectivity issues into the wireless with AP, Routers, Switches, Firewalls user CLI or WLC.
  • Assigned static IP addresses within the assigned DHCP range.
  • Assisted Hotel/Resort staff and guest with any connectivity issues.
  • Assisted Field Service Reps with installation of equipment and circuit cutovers.
  • Troubleshot firewall issues on the Nomadix, LGM Linux based servers.
  • Managed and ensured VPN connectivity was functioning properly.
  • Resolved web browsing issues, and DNS issues.
  • Setup and managed conference at hotels and resorts ensuring stable connectivity.
  • Configured and installed Cisco routers, switches, firewalls, and access points.
  • Configured and manage new Dell, HP, LGM, and Nomadix servers.
  • Created, deleted, and hid SSID’s on Cisco and Ruckus Wireless LAN Controllers.
  • Forced authentication for mac/IP addresses to allow connectivity.
  • Configured hardware, devices and software to set up work stations for employees.
  • Created support documentation that empowered and enabled user community to extend skills, leverage system features and find resolutions to questions without intervention from support team.
  • Removed malware, ransomware and other threats from laptops and desktop systems.
  • Provided documentation on start-up, shut down and first-level troubleshooting of technical processes to support desk staff.
  • Managed high levels of call flow and responded to Tier I and II technical support needs.
  • Performed tests of functionality, security and performance of different workstations and devices.
  • Resolved issues with systems, hardware and telephones quickly and accurately.
  • Installed, modified and repaired software and hardware to resolve technical issues.
  • Resolved escalated issues by serving as subject matter expert on wide-ranging issues related to the overall network.
  • Assessed system hardware and software and suggested modifications to reduce lag time and improve overall speed.
  • Used Salesforce ticketing systems to manage and process support actions and requests.

Software Engineer

Atlanta , GA
2011.04 - 2012.12
  • Manage and reporting IT budget (OPEX/CAPEX).
  • Hardware Testing.
  • Conference setup, AV, networking, etc.
  • Ensured compliance with GDPR.
  • Employee Coaching and & Mentoring.
  • Office 365/Azure administration.
  • CEO, COO, VP’s personal support.
  • Manage Production environment network and infrastructure setup and hardware.
  • Provided proactive support by gathering customers’ needs and addressing them with global standards.
  • Develop and provided workshops to end users on standard and new processes, security software, and hardware.
  • Assisted with SAP implementation.
  • Server Configuration and Management.
  • Network Infrastructure management.
  • Standardized Hardware/Software throughout all locations.
  • Overseen the delivery of deskside support.
  • Negotiated and managed contracts from external vendors.
  • Traveled 60% of the time.
  • Operated within cross-functional environments, coordinating multi-disciplinary teams to avoid redundancy and reduce dependencies.
  • Aided in Omnicast implementation for clients in Retail Industry, providing setup and initial training services.
  • Prepared detailed reports on updates to project specifications, progress, identified conflicts and team activities.
  • Researched, designed and implemented scalable applications for data extraction, analysis, retrieval and indexing.


Atlanta , GA
2005.08 - 2010.12
  • Managed large to small groups of Technical Support agents, helped revamp the helpdesk calls answered live from 80% to 99%.
  • Managed several projects for the helpdesk, handling weekly scheduling and weekend coverage support, help develop disaster recovery plan.
  • Ran and created reports via Crystal and SQL.
  • Handled all time management issues.
  • Performed monthly evaluations with each team member.
  • Created training documentation for each level of groups on the helpdesk.
  • Trained individuals with mobile device support.
  • Managed and maintained the global knowledge base for the helpdesk.
  • Pre-ordered equipment for new operators, provided first and last support for all new units.
  • Supported CFAhome and Chick-fil-A websites.
  • Troubleshot network tickets.
  • Supported daily issues for front office and back offices.
  • Supported mobile devices for unit operators (blackberry, android, iPhones).
  • Configured registers, printers, and kitchen monitors.
  • Adjusted job assignments and schedules to keep pace with dynamic business needs, factoring in processes, employee knowledge and customer demands.
  • Applied strong leadership talents and problem-solving skills to maintain team efficiency and organize workflows to meet any daily demand.
  • Conducted routine inspections of incoming materials to check quality and compliance with established product specifications.
  • Measured team performance and reported metrics to leadership team members.
  • Prepared and managed work schedules, vacation and sick time accurately on weekly basis.
  • Analyzed equipment breakdowns using various troubleshooting methods.
  • Provided coaching and counseling to 20+ employees to encourage professional growth as well as meet short- and long-term goals.
  • Monitored employee performance and provided coaching and constructive guidance to address areas of concern.
  • Set overall vision and provided team leadership.
  • Evaluated employee performance monthly and coached and trained accordingly, increasing quality of work and employee retention.
  • Created efficient work schedules for each team member to maintain deadlines and keep shifts properly staffed.
  • Interviewed, hired and trained new employees for Level I and II support position.
  • Handled customer complaints, resolved issues and adjusted policies to meet changing needs.
  • Introduced team contests and goals to enhance productivity and improve employee morale.
  • Maintained compliance with company policies, objectives and communication goals.

Work History

CPE Project Management Candidate - Project Management

Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA
2020.09 - 2020.11

MBA - Business Analytics

University of Dayton, Dayton, OH
2020.12 - Current

Bachelor of Science - Computer And Information Sciences

University Of Phoenix, Tempe, AZ
2011.02 - 2015.08

No Degree - Cisco Certified Network Associate Certificate

Southern Polytechnic State University, Marietta, GA
2011.06 - 2011.12



System Backup and Security



  • Mentored over 60+ new employees to bring them up to speed on projects, resulting in quicker overall completion milestones.
  • Received an award from Paradies Lagardere, ADT, -fil-A.
  • Resolved existing performance issues in the database which optimized the system 96%.
  • Managed a team of 7 employees, ensuring that a $1.5 million-budgeted project was completed by the expected deadline.
  • Key contributor in the design and implementation of new features for SharePoint.
  • Collaborated with team of 10 in the development of New Building.
  • Resolved product issue through consumer testing.


Win 7,10, 2008, 2012, 2016,Office 365, Azure, SAP, SharePoint, ServiceNow, Salesforce, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Adobe Suite, Siebel, SAP, Teams, Skype, Lighthouse, Aloha, BMC ticketing System, Python, SQL, Omnicast, GERS, PinPoint, Symantec, Powershell, Autoit Scripting

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CompTIA Network+

University of Dayton - MBA, Business Analytics
Kennesaw State University - CPE Project Management Candidate, Project Management
Director of Information Technology - Little Giant Farmers Market
2020.03 - Current
Regional IT Manager - Interroll
2018.03 - 2020.03
Technical Project Coordinator/Tier III Support - Paradies Lagardere
2014.04 - 2018.03


Tier III Technical Support - Sonifi Solution, LodgeNet Interactive
2013.02 - 2014.04
Southern Polytechnic State University - No Degree, Cisco Certified Network Associate Certificate
Software Engineer - ADP
2011.04 - 2012.12
University Of Phoenix - Bachelor of Science, Computer And Information Sciences
Teamlead/Supervisor - Chick-fil-A
2005.08 - 2010.12

CompTIA Network+



Sakeenah ColemanTechnical Project Manager