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Ryan Dagg

Outdoor Recreatrion Leader


I am a reliable and punctual team member, willing to grow and eager to contribute to team cohesion. With a passion for the outdoors and a love for the creatures that inhabit it, I am driven to learn whatever is required to ensure I grow and excel in the Animal Care Industry. My desire to learn and be challenged can be seen throughout the acquisition of 5 qualifications over the past 10 years, throughout various industries.

I have enthusiasm to grasp understanding of a task and motivation to acquire skills and knowledge in the felid. The skills that I have developed throughout my career might not directly transfer over to the Zookeeper Industry, however my caring, kind and devoted attitudes will be a valued addition to your team.

I am devoted to the business and team I am part of and will ensure that the most professional image is seen by customers when or wherever they look. The 10 years that I have served at my current employment is a testament to the passion and stable character that I will bring to your workplace.


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Outdoor Ministry Leader

Youthworks Christian Outdoor Education
Nowra , NSW
2012.02 - Current
  • Setting example of being teachable with an attitude of constantly striving to be better than before and encouraging others through this example.
  • Delivering Christian Presentations focused on the Gospel and Christ-like values that are faithful and true to the character and nature of God
  • Worked closely with Trainees to maintain optimum levels of competency to effectively and safely complete tasks and running of activities.
  • Handled day-to-day running of group coordination, ensuring high levels of client satisfaction and progression of the programmed activities.
  • Delivered exceptional level of service to each customer, teacher and student alike, by listening to concerns and questions and treating each as an individual with different needs.
  • Maintaining a specified activity area of responsibility to ensure all equipment is regularly checked and up to standard.
  • Developing the waterfront area; improving WHS for moving canoes (shortened toggles) and ensuring high standard of looking after equipment
  • Implementing ideas and changes to activities and program to ensure they are always new, exciting and efficient.
  • Designed and coordinated Big Day Out programs to meet the schools aims and desires.
  • Maintaining vehicle logs, registrations, maintenance and care of all company vehicles.
  • Selected to assist and take over the responsibility of the Trailer Towing component of training and developing a Learners guide to assist in this training.

Acting Assistant Team Leader

Youthworks Christian Outdoor Education
Nowra , NSW
2018.11 - 2019.04
  • Assisting the Team leader in the management of the COE team, setting the professional and spiritual example while overseeing the growth of the employees
  • Meeting with staff on week to week basis, and mentoring regarding physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Managing Transport Planners for staff travelling offsite
  • Programming weekly set-ups for program activities and noteworthy information about the incoming groups
  • Staffing programs and meal allocations
  • Working with various online portals and storage systems
  • Being flexible to change roles or job allocations during a week at a moment notice
  • Organizing activities for schools that specifically meet their aims and goals.
  • Coordinating programs to an exceptionally high standard ensuring clients needs are met and feedback is sought after.
  • Whilst coordinating groups, communicating clearly to the team how the teachers’ goals and aims can be met while also making on the ground adjustments to the program.
  • Positively influencing the team in a way that highlight the values of Christ.
  • Designated Trailer Trainer
  • Designing and writing PDF document learner guide for Trailer Training.
  • Implementing Trailer Training learner guide whilst training those in safe handling and maneuvering of trailers
  • Involvement in the development of new methods of safe embarking and disembarking canoes at the local jetty.

Outdoor Ministry Trainee

Youthworks Christian Outdoor Education
Nowra , NSW
2010.12 - 2012.01
  • Gained a greater understanding of working efficiently and alongside a team, learning conflict resolution and communication methods.
  • Devoted special emphasis to punctuality and worked to maintain outstanding attendance record, consistently arriving to work ready to start immediately.
  • Completing a Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation.
  • Used the skills and qualifications acquired to lead students in various outdoor activities and encouraging them to reflect on their experience and opinions of beliefs.
  • Redesigning and constructing a new orienteering course for the Shoalhaven site with a further focus on client safety and usability.

Kitchen Hand/Delivery Driver

Eagle Boys
Cowra , NSW
2007.01 - 2010.12
  • Sanitized all pots, pans, utensils, kitchen appliances and equipment using company-approved cleaning supplies.
  • Maintained clean, trash-free workspaces to maximize productivity and safety.
  • Reduced kitchen accidents by maintaining high standards of cleanliness and organization.
  • Prevented food spoilage by monitoring dates, rotating stock and following proper storage procedures.
  • Used downtimes to prepare ingredients and restock supplies for expected busy periods.
  • Food preparation skills, including correct handling and hygiene of consumables
  • Acquired and developed phone management skills to ensure customers are satisfied in a tricky non-face-to-face environment.
  • Distributed orders to customers in a safe and timely fashion.
  • Handling and resolving issues and complaints in a controlled and professional manner
  • Working under pressure to manage efficient pizza delivery and customer satisfaction.

Work History

Certificate IV - Outdoor Education

TAFE Western, Lithgow
2016.02 - 2020.09

Certificate III - Outdoor Education

Youthworks RTO, Port Hacking
2010.12 - 2011.12

Certificate IV - Fitness (Personal Trainer)

Australian Institute Of Fitness, St Leonards
2015.09 - 2015.10

Certificate III - Fitness Gym Instructor

Australian Institute Of Fitness, St Leonards
2015.01 - 2015.08

Certificate II - Information Technology

TAFE, Cowra
2008.02 - 2009.10

Diploma - Theology

Youthworks College, Newtown
2010.02 - 2013.09



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Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness Aid, 2019

Acting Assistant Team Leader - Youthworks Christian Outdoor Education
2018.11 - 2019.04
TAFE Western - Certificate IV, Outdoor Education
Australian Institute Of Fitness - Certificate IV, Fitness (Personal Trainer)
Australian Institute Of Fitness - Certificate III, Fitness Gym Instructor
Outdoor Ministry Leader - Youthworks Christian Outdoor Education
2012.02 - Current
Outdoor Ministry Trainee - Youthworks Christian Outdoor Education
2010.12 - 2012.01
Youthworks RTO - Certificate III, Outdoor Education
Youthworks College - Diploma, Theology
TAFE - Certificate II, Information Technology
Kitchen Hand/Delivery Driver - Eagle Boys
2007.01 - 2010.12

Bronze Medallion, Royal Life Saving, 2020

Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness Aid, 2019


Ryan DaggOutdoor Recreatrion Leader