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Prashant Shrivas

Prashant Shrivas

Software Development Manager
The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
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Relentless problem solver applying analytical, design, and technical skills to supervise entire software development lifecycle. Effective hands-on leader with outstanding success in developing highly scalable and robust applications in networking and telecom domain. I with expertise in product development, cross-functional leadership, strategy and execution. Acknowledged for solid judgment, problem solving, negotiations, clear communications, analytical and management skills.


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Lead Software Developer

Parallel Wireless
2015-07 - Current
  • Design and Developed a highly scalable Microservice for consuming, processing and displaying telecom related KPI's using Big Data technologies like Apache Kafka, Grafana and Prometheus, its running in container with Kubernetes as orchestrator
  • Developed a MicroService to handle TRO69 (http) based messages used in self-optimization, configuration and self-healing of eNodeB's
  • Involved in development of microservices for X2 Gateway feature on our flagship product HetnetGateway (HNG), Its design is modular and highly scalable
  • Involved in Design, Coding , and Unit testing of various VMME modules that interact with eNodeB, HSS,and SGW
  • Involved in Design and development of PCRF and HSS Nodes which are part of LTE EPC eco system,these systems are highly scalable and distributed in nature.
  • Designed and coded Fast Path Plugin (GPRS Tunneling protocol Flow management) which provides an interface between Application and 6Wind DPDK library.
  • Developed a highly scalable Simulator for generating LTE EPC Control and data traffic
  • Designed and coded packet generator tool using 6wind DPDK framework, its successfully able to pump 10Gbps UDP/TCP/GRE Stateless traffic using a single core on a multi-core machine
  • Involved in Design and coding of a Functional Simulator (Python) which is used in simulation of 4G EPC nodes like MME and eNodeB
  • Contributed effectively in design discussion, mentored and helped team members in resolving complex problems
  • Takes the lead in building software innovation and development capabilities, while working in balanced teams of Developers, Designers, and Product Managers

Software Engineer III

Cisco Systems
2011-07 - 2015-07
  • Involved in development of 3GPP and customer features of PDN Gateway node in LTE EPC Core eco system
  • Features are implemented for ASR5000 Career garde chassis while has high availability features Session Redundancy and Inter Chassis Session recovery. Some of the features are as mentioned below
  • Virtual APN from AAA.
  • Handing Race conditions on Gx Interface (UE Initiated and Network initiated collision scenarios).
  • Gx Assume positive (Handling the call when communication with PCRF is broken).
  • Gy Assume positive (Allocating internal quota to the subscriber when the link with the OCS server is broken).
  • Rule Inheritance (Dynamic rules takes priority on pre-defined rules).
  • Idle Inactivity timers for GBR and Non-GBR bearers.
  • Accounting data Synchronization (during online and offline charging).
  • Involved in development of Diameter (PCRF) simulator to test PGW.

Senior Software Engineer

2009-11 - 2011-07
  • Involved in design and coding of redundancy module for implementation of High Availability feature in PGW.
  • Involved in unit testing and system integration testing of the High availability supporting modules.
  • Involved in testing and integration of Aricent EPC solution with a third party eNodeB at the client’s premises.
  • Design and development of a stub used for interaction of client’s OAM dashboard with the Management interface provided by EPC solution.
  • Involved in Design and coding of Module for PDN GW which deals with the establishment of diameter sessions with the PCRF.
  • Developed tools to simulate SGW and PCRF using tcl scripting language for testing S5 and Gx interface functionality of PGW
  • Developed a simple tool for load soak testing of PGW using C programming language.

Software Engineer

Tata Elxsi
2007-06 - 2009-10
  • Performed IOT of Wimax base station (TATA ELXSI) with ASN Gateway (Aricent Technologies) mostly for initial network entry and idle mode activation scenarios.
  • Involved in Design, development, and testing of R6 Interface between Wimax base station and ASN Gateway
  • Discovered and executed use cases for verification of network entry, network exit, and idle mode functionalities
  • Development of ASN Simulator for verification of BS Mac functionality on R6 interface
  • Design, development, and verification of Idle Mode functionality of Wimax Base station

Work History

Bachelor of Engineering Electronics And Tele Communication

Priyadarshini College Of Engineering
2003-06 - 2007-06



Project Management, People Management, Leadership

Docker, Kubernetes, Helm

Kafka, MongoDB, REST-API, HTTP

SDLC, Agile development, waterfall

Multi Threading, Network Programming

OOPS and Design Patterns

C++, C, Python, GoLang, XML,JSON

Algorithms and DataStructures


Linux, Gdb, wireshark, shell scripting

Work Availability

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    Multiple CAP Award (Cisco Systems)

    This award is given to Employees who have played a significant role and have exceeded expectations set for them. This award was given to me for providing multiples fixes for Customer field issue before the stipulatedt imelines with excellent quality

Lead Software Developer - Parallel Wireless
2015-07 - Current
Software Engineer III - Cisco Systems
2011-07 - 2015-07
Senior Software Engineer - Altran
2009-11 - 2011-07
Software Engineer - Tata Elxsi
2007-06 - 2009-10
Priyadarshini College Of Engineering - Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics And Tele Communication
2003-06 - 2007-06