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Prasanna Pujari

Full Stack Developer


Well-qualified Full Stack Developer familiar with a wide range of programming utilities and languages. Knowledgeable of backend and frontend development requirements. Able to handle any part of the process with ease. Collaborative team player with excellent technical abilities offering 10 years of related experience. Background in desktop and mobile platforms developing user-friendly products. Skilled in using Java,Angular,HTML5,Java Script,JQuery,Python ,AWS ,Phone Gap and Android .


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Full Stack Developer

Tech Mahindra ,Client :GE Appliances
Louisville , KY
2017.07 - Current
  • Designed and developed Angular based responsive web application for Desktop, Mobile & Tablet.
  • Gathering requirement from Stockholders & Product Owners and Created technical & mockup screens document.
  • Implemented RESTful web services to communicate between apps & backend.
  • Designed & Developed responsive web pages using Flex Layout & other angular components.
  • Implemented smart alarm application to send notification to factory floor employees.
  • Design & developed responsive Angular common header library for Factory Visualization applications and suitable for Desktop, Mobile & tablet.
  • Created alarm notify Lambdas using Python and integrated with API Gateways to send notifications to subscribers from AWS SNS.
  • Design & developed AWS Cognito library for Factory Visualization applications and suitable for Desktop, Mobile & tablet. This library contains Login & Logout functionality.
  • Implemented Cognito Authentication for login & logout functionality.
  • Created lambda to perform SNS create, delete, and trigger notification operations.
  • Created Aurora database tables, Store Procedure, Functions.
  • Implemented AWS APP Sync.
  • Used Inductive Automation Ignition SCADA for reading live data from plants using Python, Jython and GE Cimplicity
  • Created UDT tags for Ignition to read live data
  • Used AWS services like EC2 to setup SACADA Ignition server over cloud
  • S3 to store static content like help videos etc.
  • Used DMS jobs to migrate data from on-premises database server to AWS RDS instance MySQL Aurora database,
  • Developed Lambdas using Python and integrated with API Gateways
  • Written Yml CloudFormation scripts to automate the deployment process & S3 bucket policy 7 & life cycle.
  • Created alarms by integration AWS SNS for sending notifications to end users via email or SMS
  • Used Nginx as webserver to deploy HTML pages
  • Used Cypress for Test Driven Development
  • Used GitHub as project repo
  • Automated CD/CI deployment process using Jenkins as part of DevOps
  • Build responsive web application using Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS
  • Integrated Historical data to UI using Restful webservices and plotted charts using jQuery High charts and Fusion Charts
  • Used Datadog monitoring Service for application health and stability.

Mobile Application Developer

Tech Mahindra ,Client :Arcelik
Hyderabad , Telangana
2015.07 - 2017.07
  • Consulted regularly with internal customers on application development project status, new project proposals and software-related technical issues.
  • Customized Android Gingerbread OS to design refrigerator touch station.
  • Design and Developed Home Application and it will provide an interface for displaying applications installed in AI Device. User can interact with all applications from Home. Notifications, Refrigerator settings, Video Ads, all applications etc. will be displayed.
  • Design and Developed File Manager application.
  • Customized Media player application.
  • Customized Android Framework (I2C Driver Middleware) to Communication between Refrigerator RMU and AI (Appliance Interface) Device
  • Implemented Watch Dog application using JNI in Android. These application monitors, detects and recover from device malfunctions. Due to a hardware fault or program error if the device hangs. The watchdog monitors and restarts the device automatically to recover from malfunctions.

Mobile Application Developer

Tech Mahindra ,Client : Makita
Hyderabad , Telangana
2013.03 - 2015.07
  • Design and Development user Interface for Mobile, Tablet and Windows application
  • Implemented Mobile NFC communication layer
  • Implemented multi language support
  • Written UI Automation and Robotism script.
  • Executing thousands of test cases. (system and unbundled apps)

Android Developer

A1 Technology
Mohali , Punjab
2012.01 - 2013.03
  • Consistently used Android SDK to produce highly effective and nuanced content.
  • Gained expertise incorporating offline storage, performance tuning and threading into apps for seamless use.
  • Published 3 Android apps from inception to deployment, supervising all phases.
  • Design and Development user Interface for Mobile &Tablet
  • Implemented google maps and Json parsing
  • Mplemented social media integration

Jr Android Developer

Enteleki Solutions
Bangalore , Karnataka
2011.07 - 2012.01
  • Created custom mobile applications using native technologies.
  • Applied various techniques to locate bugs and errors in applications.
  • Managed all aspects of Android app lifecycle from research and planning through deployment and post-launch support.
  • Maintained comprehensive knowledge of mobile development cycle and addressed challenges arising in each phase.
  • Successfully integrated push notifications into apps, bolstering user engagement.

Jr Android Developer

YQ Labs
Hyderabad , Telangana
2010.10 - 2011.07
  • Produced clean, validation-ready code for project needs.
  • Wrote all technical documentation for new software in development.
  • Collaborated with other developers to identify and alleviate number of bugs and errors in software.
  • Supported software engineering projects in Agile work environment.
  • Carefully documented technical workflows and knowledge in private wiki for education of newly hired employees.
  • Wrote clean, clear and well-tested code for various mobile application projects projects.

Work History

Bachelor of Science - Computer Science

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University , Ananthapur
2005.07 - 2009.04


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Java, Spring boot and Hibernate

Full Stack Developer - Tech Mahindra ,Client :GE Appliances
2017.07 - Current
Mobile Application Developer - Tech Mahindra ,Client :Arcelik
2015.07 - 2017.07
Mobile Application Developer - Tech Mahindra ,Client : Makita
2013.03 - 2015.07
Android Developer - A1 Technology
2012.01 - 2013.03
Jr Android Developer - Enteleki Solutions
2011.07 - 2012.01
Jr Android Developer - YQ Labs
2010.10 - 2011.07
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University - Bachelor of Science, Computer Science


Prasanna PujariFull Stack Developer