Work History

Nerisha Ray Singh

IT Professional


Main focus (both web and mobile) :

  • Systems Analysis
  • Business Requirement Definition
  • Systems Testing

Liaise closely with IT Manager to :

  • Define priorities and focus areas
  • Providing documentation for system evolutions
  • Create Testing documentation
  • In depth defect management, tracking and troubleshooting

Core tasks:

  • Validation of submissions of stolen objects for inclusion in the Stolen Works of Art Database
  • Supporting member countries in their submission efforts.
  • Liaising with member countries on official business.

Specialized tasks :

  • Involvement in target Operations
  • Supporting law enforcement officials in verification of seized objects
  • Specialized training in use of systems
  • Presentations


years of post-secondary education
years of professional experience

Work History

Operations Assistant

Singapore , SG
2017.06 - Current
  • Detailed analysis of current software in use in 2017 that had been developed and used since 1995
  • Analysis and testing of replacement software that had been partially developed several years prior but never released
  • Comparative analysis between systems to identify shortcomings and drive progress to completion
  • Release of new web based system to users worldwide and discontinuation of single user, stand alone system requirement
  • Requirements definition on a a technical level, indicating specific requirements for a new web system.
  • Business requirement documentation and functional specifications
  • Definition and design of a new mobile application meant to give worldwide users access to the Stolen Works of Art database in real time to identify whether an Object before them has been reported as stolen. Searches can be done my manually entering criteria or by using a Visual Search tool which will search for a photo/image match. Further functionality included creating Object and Site reports to be stored on your mobile device as well as sending reports to Interpol, Help Guides etc.
  • Testing and verification of business requirements on 2 separate agile development streams aimed at Android and iOs devices.
  • Tracing, reporting and reviewing defects on both streams
  • Communication with vendors to assist in troubleshooting issues
  • Definition and specifications of version 2 of the web application to include more user friendly features, and to make the system for robust and information rich
  • Agile approach to the web development and test cycles. Continuous review, updates and defect management for Test, Beta and Live systems
  • Worldwide user support
  • User training sessions at expert groups and conferences
  • One on one training with member country users
  • Verification and correction of entries submitted by member countries for inclusion into the database
  • Involvement in several operations focused on the illegal trafficking of cultural heritage objects
  • Assisting enforcement officials with searching the database for Objects suspected to be stolen
  • Being the only team member situated in the Singapore HQ, it was necessary for me to work independently and at the same time communicate with my teammates so that we are in contact when required.
  • Although COVID caused disruptions for many, I was not impacted as strongly because we already had a MO for me working at a distance and away from the French office. If anything, this time showed that I am capable of continuing my tasks timeously regardless of physical location.


Johannesburg , Gauteng - South Africa
2014.10 - 2016.12
  • Conferred with existing and potential customers to assess requirements and propose optimal solutions.
  • Authored detailed work plans to meet business priorities and deadlines.
  • Developed Software
  • Conducted testing
  • Code Deployment

Senior Test Manager

Paracon (contracted to Absa Bank)
Randburg , Gauteng - South Africa
2010.05 - 2014.09
  • Collaborated with developers and product owners to stay current on product features and intended functionality.
  • Planned and devised cohesive test plans for all projects
  • Tracked, prioritized and organized defects and worked closely with several development team to facilitate timely corrections.
  • Wrote and optimized test cases to maximize success of manual software testing with consistent, thorough approaches.
  • Trained test teams and non-testing resources for involvement in multi-team test activities
  • Developed relationships with all teams involved in every project to create a cohesive test environment
  • Co-ordination of sequential testing between multiple teams (12+) seated in different buildings across the country, as well as with external vendor companies located in different provinces.
  • Highly structured approach to verify that every required functionality in complex systems, were delivered according to the business requirements
  • Full understanding of every requirement, the systems, teams and activities involved in each leg and the impact of each team on the project
  • Early identification of critical systems and personnel as well as possible breakage points and problem areas

Test Consultant

Test and Data Services
Midrand , Gauteng - South Africa
2007.07 - 2010.01
  • Developed and executed comprehensive test plans and workforce breakdown structures for complete systems.
  • Consulted to various high profile companies including investment banks and mobile companies
  • Initiated test strategies
  • Up-skilled test resources and onboarded new resources
  • Developed one-on-one relationships with resources and managements from all teams involved to ensure compliance and co-operation
  • Executed end to end testing on new ad existing platforms, using both trained testing resources and non-testing resources.

System Integration Specialist

First National Bank
Randburg , Gauteng - South Africa
2005.06 - 2006.07
  • Worked in the Infrastructure Architecture team
  • Development of new products for the Call Centre
  • Developed telephony software for the Telephony Architecture team - this was meant to replace existing licensed software and allowed a User to interface with the telephony hub and infrastructure, using an interface to their computer.
  • Code deployments
  • Maintained existing applications and designed and delivered new applications.
  • Orchestrated efficient large-scale software deployments, including testing features and correcting code.
  • Testing of all changes and new developments

Software Developer

Randburg , Gauteng - South Africa
2000.01 - 2005.05
  • Java development of new Internet Banking Platform as well as Vehicle Finance and Home Loans
  • Technical Team Lead and stand in for Architect when required
  • Code deployment
  • Database definition and creation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Collaborated on all stages of systems development lifecycle, from requirement gathering to production releases.
  • Stress-tested server code to validate code changes.
  • Performed regression and system-level testing to verify software quality and function prior to release.
  • Authored code fixes and enhancements for inclusion in future code releases and patches.
  • Performed software testing to uncover bugs and troubleshoot issues prior to application launch.
  • Contributed ideas and suggestions in team meetings and delivered updates on deadlines, designs and enhancements.


Bachelor of Arts - Psychology & English Major

University Of South Africa, South Africa
1994.01 - 1998.12

Bachelor of Science - Information Technology

University Of South Africa, South Africa
1995.01 - 2006.12

No Degree - Cyber Investigator Certificate Program

Federal Bureau Of Investigation & Carnegie Mellon , USA
2019.01 - 2019.12


Project coordination



Federal Bureau Of Investigation & Carnegie Mellon - No Degree, Cyber Investigator Certificate Program
2019.01 - 2019.12
Operations Assistant - INTERPOL
2017.06 - Current
Consultant - Self
2014.10 - 2016.12
Senior Test Manager - Paracon (contracted to Absa Bank)
2010.05 - 2014.09
Test Consultant - Test and Data Services
2007.07 - 2010.01
System Integration Specialist - First National Bank
2005.06 - 2006.07
Software Developer - ABSA Bank
2000.01 - 2005.05
University Of South Africa - Bachelor of Science, Information Technology
1995.01 - 2006.12
University Of South Africa - Bachelor of Arts, Psychology & English Major
1994.01 - 1998.12
Nerisha Ray SinghIT Professional