Work History

Kidus Bekele

San Ramon,CA


Highly motivated sales associate and customer service oriented team member. Skilled at working together with the sales team to provide and produce a collectivized goal to better conditions for incoming customers and higher sales across various store departments.

Well versed in extensive and fleshed out communication skills as to develop and establish concise and clear programs and plans to arrive at the best goals for the future experiences of customers both regular and newly arriving.

Experienced in training new arrivals and employees as to best acclimate their senses and selves to the company policies and procedures from the sales floor to the stock rooms as to integrate the newly hired individuals for the best of their experiences.

Diligent about keeping merchandise presentable to maximize business revenue.

Effectively demonstrate products, overcome objections and close sales. Retail sales professional versed in product placement and merchandising.

Extensive experience in inventory management and shipment processing.

Artistic Video Editor with satisfactory proficiency in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro, and iMovie Film Editing programs and multi-camera editing expertise in film productions.

Efficient and reliable with passion for bringing creative projects to fruition.

Creative Video Editor adept at completing video editing projects in alignment with time and budget restrictions shown over four years in editing roles.

Eager to apply an aptitude for sound editing, color correction and narration prowess to contribute to the project mission.


years of post-secondary education
years of professional experience

Sales Associate

Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp.
San Ramon , CA
2017.07 - Current
  • Worked alongside retail representatives to boost sales by enhancing product presentations and advertising collateral.
  • Organized racks and shelves to maintain store visual appeal, engage customers and promote specific merchandise.
  • Maintained customer satisfaction while handling product returns quickly and professionally.
  • Answered customer questions regarding sizing and accessories and explained how to properly care for merchandise.
  • Prepared merchandise for sales floor by pricing or tagging.
  • Processed product returns and assisted customers with other selections.
  • Collaborated with clients to maintain relationships and provide customers with thorough support and guidance.
  • Solved customer challenges by offering relevant products and services.
  • Educated customers on promotions to enhance sales.
  • Maintained organized, presentable merchandise to drive continuous sales.
  • Supported loss prevention goals by maintaining accurate drawers and monitoring shopper behavior.
  • Greeted customers, helped locate merchandise and suggested suitable options.
  • Checked pricing, scanned items, applied discounts and printed receipts to ring up customers.
  • Refunded payments for returned items, processed exchanges and offered store credit to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Built customer loyalty and retention by delivering excellent shopping experiences.
  • Displayed merchandise by arranging in appealing and orderly way to boost sales.
  • Approached browsing customers to initiate conversations to determine buying preferences.

Film Production Assistant

The Rikes Center
Menlo Park , CA
2016.06 - 2016.08
  • Developed multimedia presentations for The Rikes Center to promote the many fitness, photography, art, and community building activities available at the local community center.
  • Developed promotional materials, including posters and videos for bands.
  • Participated in creative meetings to assist in developing ideas and defining project deadlines.
  • Demonstrated ability to understand director's artistic vision and maintain alignment with vision throughout editing process.
  • Performed post-production work, including assembling raw material, editing sound and sequences and providing final product within time and budget constraints.
  • Evaluated and selected scenes for pacing, entertainment value and continuity , trim shots and edit content.
  • Delivered edits with multiple camera angle choices, titles, graphics, audio and special effects.
  • Edited promotional videos for digital distribution by managing graphics, sound, music mix and color correction.
  • Filmed and edited footage of everyday activities of loyal customers for the goal of promoting the aforementioned center's many activities available for any client interested in the goal of wider education.
  • Reviewed and edited film by selecting best combination of performance, sequencing and timing to tell story.
  • Edited average of three to four spots each week using iMovie, Adobe Premier Pro, and Final Cut Pro film editing software.
  • Offered feedback on quality of segments and coached other staff members on how to improve segments.
  • Managed projects and workflows for creation of short informational and student project films.

Courtesy Booth Clerk

Safeway Inc.
Menlo Park , CA
2015.06 - 2015.08
  • Inspected floor displays, noted missing items and immediately replenished merchandise.
  • Readied items for sales floor stocking by affixing tags and preparing pallets.
  • Checked aisles and backroom stock areas for spills or blockage issue and notified other sales associates and courtesy clerks for quick clean-up.
  • Greeted customers and directed to requested products.
  • Assessed shelves in all departments to determine which items to replenish or reorder.
  • Kept aisles clear and clean while restocking to prevent accidents and enable others to easily pass by.
  • Adhered to safety processes and procedures when stocking store to avoid falls and other injuries.
  • Helped customers complete purchases by moving heavy items, collecting payments and bagging purchases.
  • Managed timely and effective replacement of damaged or missing products.
  • Stocked merchandise each day, clearly labeling items, arranging according to size or color and preparing attractive displays.
  • Assisted customers at the conclusion of their shopping experience by moving freshly purchased products into bags for exit and departure from the store premises.
  • Located and transported loose shopping carts across the store front property and parking lot to their proper vending locations as to maintain a neatly organized sector of carts for the benefit of the incoming and exiting customers and the stability of the store's wellbeing image and condition.
  • Delivered exemplary assistance and service by carrying packages and bags and securing customer purchases in vehicles.

Work History

High School Diploma -

Summit Preparatory Charter High School, Redwood City, CA
2012.08 - 2016.06

No Degree - Architecture

Cal Poly Pomona University , Pomona, CA
2016.09 - 2017.03

Bachelor of Arts - History

Foothill Community College , Los Altos, CA
2017.08 - Current



Shoe trend knowledge within company stock.



Adobe Premier Pro

Final Cut Pro





Intermediate Level Illustration

Foothill Community College - Bachelor of Arts, History
Sales Associate - Big 5 Sporting Goods Corp.
2017.07 - Current
Cal Poly Pomona University - No Degree, Architecture
Film Production Assistant - The Rikes Center
2016.06 - 2016.08
Courtesy Booth Clerk - Safeway Inc.
2015.06 - 2015.08
Summit Preparatory Charter High School - High School Diploma,


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