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Faisal Aljandal



A result driven and solution focused Professional with 9 years’ experience in Business Management, Developing procedures & Processes, in: Human Recourses, Customer relations, Finance & sales.

Goal-oriented individual with strategic planning, and proven track record of executing business plans, policies, and Achieving Sales. Coming with solid business background & recently enrolled in MBA program. Familiar with small & large business. Has developed skill set covering Budgeting & Finance, Analysis & Reporting, negotiation, Communication, and decision-making.


years of professional experience

Years of post-education


Operations Manager

Tech Address
2018-09 - 2019-09

Ø Operation: Ensure all operations are carried on smoothly, Improve operational management systems & processes. Help department in the organization to remain legally compliant. Formulate strategic into operational objectives.

Ø Financial: Review reports on regular biases like P&L & other related directly & indirectly to revenues. Payroll Process. Review statements & suggest change needed by reporting findings to the CEO. Prepare annual budgets and make sure that the allocated budget is adhered to.

Ø Human Resources: Maintain employees’ files & records, Process Employees Requests & other HR Related Work, prepare paperwork’s & forms for HR policies and procedures, Prepare letters & presentations for internal communications, Act as the point of contact towards labor legislation issues & Government Relation

Ø Customer Service: Increase Speed & quality of customer service, govern process’s, Advice on answering Customer, Queries & Complaints, Oversee Online shipments & coordination with Curriers

Operations Manager

Fulmar Mart
2017-11 - 2018-08

Ø Operation: Manage all Company Acts Operationally, Developing Process in Sales, Manufacturing, Marketing, Delivery & Purchasing. Assure all Company agreed procedures & manuals are being Implemented accordingly, Build Trust among departments internally & externally, Contribute in the day to day operations, Find new resources for the business; stores new locations, new vendors & new relationship parties that generates & adds value to the company, Coaching Employee’s & leading departments to achieve their commercial Growth

Ø Financial: Review Revenue & P&L Reports VS Targets & make necessary actions, Impalement & plan the inventory, Sycle for all brunches, Manage Supplier Payments & contracts

Ø Human Resources: Evaluate Employees Performance, Oversee all Government Relation Activities

Ø Marketing: Promote Products & Delivery Service, develop instore communication & display to attract customers, Anglaise & review competitor prices & services

Ø Purchasing: Making special deals with current suppliers, Manage & purchase special items from local Market

Operation Quality Assurance Manager

House of Retail
2016-10 - 2017-10

Ø Implement All Company Standard Operation Procedure, or to Create One as Needed.

Ø Visit Business Outlets/Stores to See the Operation’s on Spot; to Expose Any Risks or Opportunity of Loss and Make Any Necessary Correction Action in Coordination with Other Departments Head.

Ø Building Quality Assurance Department, under the supervision of Finance Director.

Ø Assist Finance Director in Building a Strong Audit Function.

Ø Set Inventory Plans for The Business in Coordination with Finance Department.

Ø Measure the Type of Activities, Cost & Impact.

Ø Oversees the Risk Opportunities within the Business.

Ø Develop or Create New Procedures If Needed to Enhance & Assure Quality of The Operation or Service Provided.

Store Manager

House Of Retail
2015-10 - 2016-10

Open the new franchised Brand the Toy Store & set its operation as agreed Before the opening with Management.
Lead the Toy Store Brunch, as a head of function & train new Potential staff to be future leaders.
Coach staff team; executing operations & activities; and evaluating employee’s performance.
Lead & achieve sales targets with high quality Selling Services.
Analyzing store Productivity & other competitor’s advantages in the Local Market.
Maintain professional relationships with everyone inside outside the Company.
Lead & Arrange the Receiving process of goods with Suppliers & assure the integrity of receiving.
Lead & Coordinate with Supply Chain Team to place the merchandise Products on the floor as the agreed planogram.
Help the Team to achieve the Company standards towards visitors not only customers who buy.
Ensure trust and attained the highest level of Customer Service & after sales services
Help to Build the correct atmosphere according to BRAND Standards
Influence staff with the Toy Store & HOUSE OF RETAIL values.
Recognize new potential customers & vendors from various sources.
Tackling & improving marketing activities on floor or online platforms as per requirement.

Shopping Experience Leader

2015-03 - 2015-06

To contribute to an inspiring and joyful shopping experience for all visitors and customers. This includes:
Understanding customers' emotional needs and translating them into implemented commercial solutions.
Securing the foundation for an inspiring, joyful, welcoming, and family-friendly atmosphere.
Using customer insights to improve customer satisfaction.
creating and implementing short-term plans & procedures as required.
Collecting & Analyzing Customer Feedback & Complaint to optimize operation procedures as much as can be.
Study the Market & Convert new people to be new Customers.
Make sure that all safety SOP are being followed accordingly.
Make sure that the items displayed is the IKEA way e.g. : Attractive, Safe, Solution focused
Make sure that sales & after sales services are meeting customer expectations.

Store Manager

Jarir Bookstore
2011-05 - 2015-02

Managing All Store Acts like: Sales, after sales Services, Employees, and other Day to day operations Like Coaching & motivation, Merchandising- Stock keeping.
Lead to achieve agreed targets
Hiring new employees
Make sure of the availability of the Products
Make sure that all needed equipment's are available for the Employee's to use.
Insure to reach the highest level of Customer Service
Insure that after sales services are being implemented in line with company rules & Regulation.
Having a good communication with other Department in the company to provide necessary Action's and Insure to make reports for Sales, Employee's Performance, and Customer Care etc. To be sent & escalated to management as needed.
Responsible for all Brunch expenses & budget.
Discuss work Difficulties like Sales issue's or Employee issues with Superior & finding solution for it.
Ensure that all Services, Products are ready for Lunch or Sell so staff can always serve their customer’s

Work History

Bachelor's Degree - Languages & Translation

King Saud University
2010-06 - 2010-06

Enrolled in MBA - Finance

Saudi Electronic University
2020-06 - 2023-06



    Budgeting and forecasting

Business administration

Strategic Planning

Financial Management

P&L Management

Operations management

Cost reduction and containment

Performance Evaluations


Sales background

Business Development

Report generation

Microsoft Excel


Process Improvement






  • Reduced operational expenses by streamlining branch operations. (Established new range of mixed products with high Margin, Maximizing range of products in the display innovatively )
  • Used Microsoft Excel to develop inventory tracking spreadsheets.
  • Successfully Open Tow New Stores in one year
  • Initiate & establish Human Resources department
  • Developed Finance Procedures, led to more financial stability and control of accounts payables
  • Open the new Franchise brand successfully & Setting the Standard operating procedure & Achieve sales targets
  • Managed more than 7 stores at different times in two years.
Saudi Electronic University - Enrolled in MBA, Finance
2020-06 - 2023-06
Operations Manager - Tech Address
2018-09 - 2019-09
Operations Manager - Fulmar Mart
2017-11 - 2018-08
Operation Quality Assurance Manager - House of Retail
2016-10 - 2017-10
Store Manager - House Of Retail
2015-10 - 2016-10
Shopping Experience Leader - IKEA
2015-03 - 2015-06
Store Manager - Jarir Bookstore
2011-05 - 2015-02
King Saud University - Bachelor's Degree, Languages & Translation
2010-06 - 2010-06


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