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Christopher Hinojosa

Management & Leadership


Results-driven Management Consultant adept at helping companies improve operational efficiency, team productivity and employee motivation. Hands-on leader with exceptional organizational, critical thinking and prioritization skills. Possessing 12 years of related experience and passion for contributing to business success.


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Management Consultant

G&F Real Estate
San Jose , CA
2014.11 - Current
  • Improved communication at all levels and transformed company culture into more productive atmosphere.
  • Leveraged on-site observation and personal interviews to identify team and individual strengths.
  • Evaluated diverse organizational systems to identify workflow, communication and resource utilization issues.
  • Produced detailed and relevant reports for use in making business decisions.
  • Strengthened employee productivity and storage systems to enhance efficiency and minimize labor requirements.
  • Evaluated current processes to develop improvement plans.
  • Increased employee satisfaction and motivation through training classes, meetings and special workshops.
  • Gathered, documented and modeled data to assess business trends.
  • Conducted thorough reviews of the rental market operations to devise and deploy improvement strategies, facilitating consistent results.

General Manager

24 Hour Fitness USA Inc.
San Jose , CA
2004.05 - 2014.11
  • Applied performance data to evaluate and improve operations, target current business conditions and forecast needs.
  • Delivered business strategy and developed systems and procedures to improve operational quality and team efficiency
  • Organized budgets, oversaw P&Ls and achieved margin targets consistently to stay on track with growth plans.
  • Developed value-added solutions and approaches by leveraging trends in customer marketplaces and industries.
  • Exceeded regional annual sales target by 110%.
  • Devised, deployed and monitored processes to boost long-term business success and increase profit levels 15%.
  • Created, managed and executed business plan and communicated company vision and objectives to motivate teams.
  • Established and administered annual budget with effective controls to prevent overages, minimize burn rate and support sustainability objectives.
  • Coordinated weekly leadership workshops to educate team members on best practices to optimize productivity.
  • Directed work of sales and service teams to deliver exceptional client experiences.
  • Identified and capitalized on community business opportunities with effective networking.
  • Increased monthly staff retention rate by 25% after implementing new training programs.
  • Developed and maintained relationships with current customers and suppliers through continual communication and service oriented strategies.
  • Supported regulatory compliance by overseeing all audits to verify protocol adherence.
  • Boosted productivity by consolidating material planning, data collecting, payroll and accounting programs into one main system.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and productivity by managing budgets, accounts and revenues.
  • Evaluated and enhanced sales and service programs to strengthen operations and achieve a consistent 90-100% quarterly metrics.
  • Assessed financial statements and P & L reports to evaluate top line revenues and bottom line expenses through performance, develop targeted improvements and implement changes resulting in positive revenue result.
  • Implemented innovative programs, including sales and service program to increase employee loyalty and reduce turnover.
  • Discovered areas of improvement by generating quarterly operational and sales reports.
  • Reduced operational risks while organizing sales and daily data to forecast performance trends.
  • Oversaw and improved membership acquisitions, service performance with deliveries worth over $ 1.3 million per year through efficient coordination of daily operations.
  • Trained, coached and mentored staff to support smooth adoption of new sales and service program.
  • Drove year-over-year business growth while leading operations, strategic vision and long-range planning.
  • Developed effective business plans to align strategic decisions with long-term objectives.
  • Improved productivity while reducing staffing and operational costs by 20%.
  • Enhanced operational success through effective staffing, strong training, adherence to safety regulations and well-timed customer service.
  • Tracked and analyzed profitability and key metrics of sales and service establishment to improve overall profitability and bring in new clientele.
  • Enforced quality assurance protocols to deliver ideal customer experiences.
  • Implemented operational strategies and effectively built customer and employee loyalty through employee recognition programs and members loyalty programs.
  • Improved brand awareness by monitoring all marketing campaigns and fostering membership acquisitions and business development.
  • Designed modern employee recognition program which boosted productivity and improved morale.
  • Held weekly meetings with Sales Managers, Service Managers, Group Exercise Managers and Facilities Managers to identify techniques to overcome sales obstacles.
  • Managed budget implementations, employee reviews, training, schedules and contract negotiations.
  • Received superior customer service satisfaction scores for 2007-2008.
  • Increased revenue streams by reducing costs, managing schedules and performing variance and risk analysis to implement corrective actions.
  • Maximized efficiency by coaching and mentoring 40 personnel on Sales and Service principles, industry practices, company procedures.
  • Increased sales by $85k
  • By establishing goals, overseeing performance and accountability.

Work History

Massage Therapy - Physiology

Corinthians Trade School , San Jose, CA
2003.07 - 2004.07

Graduated with honors

Massage Therapy Certificate Completion

Associates In Biblical Studies - Theology

Christian Life College , Stockton, CA
2001.04 - 2003.06
  • Minored in Theology



    Employee engagement



  • Faith Leader of EdenX Ministries Bay Area




Multi-level Management



Community Service


Management Consultant - G&F Real Estate
2014.11 - Current

Multi-level Management


Employee Relations

General Manager - 24 Hour Fitness USA Inc.
2004.05 - 2014.11

Personal Training NCSF

Corinthians Trade School - Massage Therapy , Physiology
Christian Life College - Associates In Biblical Studies , Theology


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