Work History

Bridget Haines

Social Work Graduate Student

Dedicated, resilient individual possessing in-depth knowledge of agricultural and animal sciences. Observation-oriented developing social worker adept in navigating complex and rigorous experiences in both business and human relationships. Versatile and communicative collaborator offering nine years of experience overseeing daily operations of a 110-acre diversified farm along with eight years experience managing highly specified exotic animal care at the nation's first zoo. Highly proficient in adaptability, communication, and reflection.

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Work History

Farm Owner & Operator

Self Employed
2012 - Current
  • Solely assesses over 100 acres of agricultural needs and responsibilities in order to ensure comprehensive efficiency and achieve compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Optimizes Tend programming to maintain financial, productivity, and employment records.
  • Creates and adapts farm strategies in order to maximize production and profitability.
  • Expands farm outreach by continuing to incorporate agritourism-focused activities.
  • Raises and cultivates certified natural crops specializing in rare heirloom varieties.
  • Manages multiple returning employees and ten separate tenant groups within farm operations.
  • Coordinates, broadens, and solidifies wholesale and direct market sales to and relationships with multiple restaurants and local residents.


Chickadee Creek Organic Farm
2014-04 - 2016-12
  • Maintained records and documentation for all certification and government regulatory requirements.
  • Operated and repaired various farming equipment, including tractors and their necessary implements.
  • Initiated and spearheaded a farm-wide irrigation system overhaul.
  • Managed two of the seven farm retail markets.
  • Fulfilled a supervisory role focusing on fostering effectiveness,
    safety, and support of incoming employees.

Lead Zookeeper

Philadelphia Zoo
2006-09 - 2014-05
  • Independently managed and maintained the zoo's African Plains
    division, ensuring efficient and safe operations for both
    employees and animals alike.
  • Intensively and effectively observed animal behavior and physiology for areas of concern or insight regarding husbandry needs or health conditions.
  • Consulted with veterinarians to diagnose problems and administer prescribed treatments.
  • Directed initiatives to provide African Plains ungulates and
    diverse categories of primates behavioral support and essential
    veterinary care.
  • Managed inventory and exhibit maintenance in order to optimize efficiency and public enjoyment.
  • Supervised and expanded species specific public outreach and special event programming.

Master's of Social Service Clinical Focus

Bryn Mawr College
2020-09 - Current

Master's of Counseling Services Clinical Focus

Rider University
2006-06 - 2007-05

Bachelor of Science Zoology, English Literature & Composition

University Of Vermont
1997-08 - 2000-12

Analytical Thinking


Social Perceptiveness

Interpersonal Communication


Behavioral Observation

  • Southampton Township Shade Tree Advisory Board
  • Southampton Township Agricultural Commission
  • Southampton Township Garden Club
  • Southampton Township Creative Team
  • Burlington County Board of Agriculture
  • Burlington County Women's Board of Agriculture