Work History

BriAnna Jones

Retail Worker


Friendly retail associate with reputation for exceeding all performance benchmarks in retail settings. Expertise in customer service and transactional experiences. Independent worker with great communication and organizational skills. Comfortable collaborating in team environments. Maximizes seasonal employment as an associate, getting up to speed quickly and driving sales. Offers flexible schedule to work peak seasonal hours. Relies on 5 years of experience delivering excellent customer service. Applies thoughtful and practiced listening and speaking skills. Understands and utilizes sales, merchandising and marketing skills.


years of post-secondary education
years of professional experience

Clicklist Lead

Murfreesboro , TN
2020.04 - Current
  • Tracked receipts, employee hours and inventory movements.
  • Evaluated employee skills and knowledge regularly, providing hands-on training and mentoring to individuals with lagging skills.
  • Prepared detailed reports weekly on updates to project specifications, progress, identified conflicts and team activities.
  • Minimized resource and time losses by addressing employee or production issue directly and implementing timely solutions.
  • Delivered superior training and leadership to teams to boost performance and help team members achieve performance targets.
  • Established open and professional relationships with team members which helped resolve issues and conflicts quickly.
  • Prepared more than 160 shipments per day with over 700 items properly accounted for and tracked. In a Clicklist setting, I must familiarize myself with item locations, and by doing such, I am able to locate and select items at a quick pace.
  • Quickly adapted plans and adjusted inventory equipment to maintain high standards of functionality and safety.
  • Cultivated productive and safe atmosphere while supervising team of up to seven employees working with product delivery equipment.
  • Continuously checked grocery products for quality assurance according to strict guidelines.
  • Took on additional job duties, including daily payment reviews and department sanitization during unexpected backlog, resulting in meeting project target date.


Chick-Fil-A Inc.
Franklin , TN
2016.08 - 2019.06
  • Taught new team members correct procedures for all areas of operations.
  • Maintained current knowledge of all team position requirements.
  • Mentored junior employees to improve performance, food safety and customer service.
  • Set positive example for team members by providing high-quality, efficient service.
  • Delivered in-depth training to workers in food preparation and customer-facing roles to promote strong team performance.
  • Greeted all customers with smile and provided friendly service to professionally handle every need.
  • Trained other employees in customer service, food safety and performance requirements.
  • Resolved challenging customer complaints to full satisfaction, promoting brand loyalty and maximizing repeat business.
  • Monitored day-to-day activities of the work environment and employees, noting areas needing improvement and implementing plans for rectification.
  • Kept register accurate through correct billing, payment processing and cash management practices.
  • Greeted and maintained relationships with regular customers.
  • Prepared beverages and filled food orders for customers.
  • Served needs of more than 1,400 customers in busy fast-food environment.

Work History

High School Diploma -

John Overton High School, Nashville, TN
2015.08 - 2019.05

Bachelor of Arts - History Teacher Education

Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN
2019.08 - Current



    Performance improvement

Clicklist Lead - Kroger
2020.04 - Current
Middle Tennessee State University - Bachelor of Arts, History Teacher Education
Trainor - Chick-Fil-A Inc.
2016.08 - 2019.06
John Overton High School - High School Diploma,


BriAnna JonesRetail Worker